Vision, Mission & Values

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide the highest possible level of care to all the young people that reside at the home and promote a homely, relaxed and nurturing environment, at the same time encouraging the young people to develop the academic, practical, social and daily living skills needed to thrive and develop from a young person into an adult, fulfilling their own individual maximum potential. Care home creates an environment that offers the optimum range of experiences and support mechanisms for the young people to recover and return as many as possible to their normal place of residence or the most independent community living setting, appropriate to their needs.

Our vision mission and values

Our Mission

Our aim is to deliver outstanding bespoke, person centred care packages to each young person that we support in a homely atmosphere where experienced, highly trained staff care for the young people, and strive to ensure positive outcomes for all. Our staff will continually build on the relationships made with the young person and each care plan will then be adapted to the young person in accordance to how the young person develops and changes over time, ensuring that their needs are being met and planned outcomes are consistently achieved.  We will draw on the vast experience of our clinical staff team, multi-disciplinary teams and wider community to ensure best outcomes and an active part in the local communities, so as not to marginalise and promote integration.

Our Values

We are passionate about making sure that our warm, curious community approach SHAPES people to thrive. We embody this ethos not only with the young people that live here, but also our staff team and wider community. With this in mind we have put young people and staff members at the heart of our guiding principles. When working with young people, we seek to develop a shared understanding of their concerns and goals. In the context of safe therapeutic relationships, we support the young people to discover their own capacities and strengths, with the use of our staff’s diverse skills set. We always aim to facilitate a safe, nurturing therapeutic environment which helps the individual to repair, connect, reflect and thrive. We think of our values as a set of guiding principles to refer to when making decisions and interacting with people. They help us to work together to continuously improve the organisation, and ourselves.